Jennifer Margaret Barker
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A Lassie's Love CD

Contemporary Classical Music with a Celtic Twist
Scottish-American Composer
Jennifer Margaret Barker’s compositions have been hailed by critics in North America, Europe and Asia as “extraordinarily moving”, “soul-stirring”, “at once gripping and timeless”, “blazingly alive, with lovely, aching melodies”, “show-stopping”, “anything but passive”, “beautiful...warm”, “haunting”, “illuminated by dreamy images”, and her compositional output has been noted for its “amazing array” and “striking writing”.

Her most recent review of a concert of her compositions included the following statements: “(the composer) eased her way into the concert by immediately forging a lovely, intimate rapport with the audience”; “(the composer’s) style immediately made its mark in the multi-coloured landscape of the musical texture, one replete with moments of lights and shade, exuberance and introspection, hope and wistfulness”; “authenticity and honesty marked the composer’s idiom throughout”; “the overall result was one of impeccable execution, with an implicit thread running through the piece”; and “a wonderfully atmospheric piece, denoting the gentle wind that rustles through crevices and the ferns, truly evocative and haunting”. 
Featured Score: Dumgoyne for flute and harpsichord