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Chincoteague (for four C flutes) - $15

…a love like no other… (for woodwind quintet and piano) - $25

Earthtones (for marimba and violin) -  $12

Geodha (for string trio and timpano) - $10

Le Passage du Temps (for baroque flute, violin, viola da gamba, violoncello and harpsichord) - $25

Piddle-in-the-Hole (for oboe, cor anglais, bassoon and piano) - $25

Seann Oràn (for C flute and acoustic guitar with recording CD) - $15

Snowfeathers (for erhu, violin, piano and percussion) - $25

​umurangi-kikorangi (for oboe, French horn and piano) - $20

A Lassie's Love (for soprano, flute and piano) - $20

L’amour… (for countertenor, alto flute, English horn, contrabass clarinet, harpsichord and celesta) - $20

Naibh Beags/Nyvaigs (for soprano, alto saxophone, C flute/alto flute/piccolo, 3 multi-percussionists,
piano and narrator) -  $30

sair wrocht wi lilt (for bass voice, flute, oboe/cor anglais, clarinet/saxophone, viola, bassoon, 
double/electric bass, piano, percussion) - $30

Two Poems (for soprano, violin, viola, violoncello and percussion) - $20

Blue Waters (for solo vibraphone) - $10 

BuMian (for solo piano) - $10 

Effigies (for pipe organ) - $10 

Geenyoch Ballant (for solo piano) - $12 

Moana (for solo piano) - $10 

Na Trì Peathraichean (for C flute and piano) - $17 

Salve Fiesta Dies (for Bb trumpet and pipe organ) - $10

Tout Entière (for baritone voice and piano) - $10 the pale green sea of evening... (for Bb clarinet and piano) - $15

Dumgoyne (for C flute and harpsichord) - $15
CHORAL (see orchestral for Nollaig)

My Son (for choir and percussion ensemble) -  $65

Nobody Told Me (for three soprano soloists, solo improv. trumpet, chorus, woodwind/brass ensemble,              banjo, piano and percussion) - $55

​Three Highbrows We (for SSA chorus and chamber ensemble) - $40

Nollaig (for children’s chorus and symphony orchestra, with the optional addition of folk instrumentalists) - $100

Suilean a’ Chlionne (for string orchestra) - $50

For SOLO and CHAMBER works: all prices are for one full score and all parts. In the case of chamber music including piano, the score is the piano part. 

For CHORAL-CHAMBER and CHORAL-ORCHESTRAL works: all prices are for one conductor's score, vocal-piano reductions (request number needed via email to and instrumental parts.

QUESTIONS regarding scores and parts?
'Gearr Aonach' is the first movement of this work.

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