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Musical Compositions


Kaitiaki (2021) for 2 amplified violins and symphony orchestra; with accompanying nature film - 
                        pub. McKenna-Keddie

Suilean a’ Chloinne (2001/2006/2010) for string orchestra - pub. McKenna-Keddie

A Celtic Prayer  (1994/2005) for symphony orchestra 

Nollaig (1998) for children’s chorus and symphony orchestra, with the optional addition of folk                              instrumentalists; traditional folk song texts - pub. Boosey & Hawkes (chamber version arranged
                           by Dr. Betty Bertaux; see Betty Bertaux Choral Series)

Geodha Air Chùl Na Grèine (1987) for folk band, string orchestra, choir and Scottish Gaelic soloist; poetry by
​                          Derick S. Thomson


The Bacchae  (1992) original musical score for Euripides' Greek Tragedy ‘The Bacchae’  

CHORAL (see orchestral for Nollaig and Geodha Air Chùl Na Grèine)

Ealasaid (2019) for choir, erhu and violin (or 2 violins); poetry by Helen B. Cruickshank

My Son (2011) for choir and percussion ensemble; words by Joseph and Anne Paroulek 
                           - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Nobody Told Me (1997; enlarged version ‘98) for three soprano soloists, solo improv. trumpet, chorus,    
                           woodwind/brass ensemble, banjo, piano and percussion; poetry by Walter de la Mare

Three Highbrows We (1995) for SSA chorus and chamber ensemble; poetry by Herbert Farjeon 

Harmony of Angels  (1992) for large choir, full orchestral brass, percussion and pipe organ; Shaker hymn texts

A Plea  (1990) for 'a cappella' chapel choir and solo trumpet; biblical text

Via, Veritas, Vita  (1986) for 'a cappella' chapel choir; biblical text


Kaitiaki (2021) for 2 amplified violins and symphony orchestra; with accompanying nature film  
                            - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Tìrean cèin (2016) for erhu and violin, accompanied by film with vocal/orchestral soundtrack


Ocean of Glass (2021) for flute, clarinet and piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Chincoteague (2018) for four C flutes - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Le Passage du Temps (2013) for baroque flute, violin, viola da gamba, violoncello and harpsichord

…a love like no other… (2013) for woodwind quintet and piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie 

Snowfeathers (2013) for erhu, violin, piano and percussion - pub. McKenna-Keddie 

Seann Òran (2012) for flute and acoustic guitar with recording; poetry by Derick S. Thomson
                           - pub. McKenna-Keddie

umurangi-kikorangi (2007) for oboe, horn and piano; extension of Red Sky at Night (2002) score 
                            - pub. McKenna-Keddie; available from Gail Warnaar Double Reed Music Shop

The Hole Thing  - 

                          Wookey Hole (2012) for oboe, cor anglais, bassoon and piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

                         Piddle-in-the-Hole (2005) for oboe, cor anglais, bassoon and piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Geodha (1992/1998) for string trio and timpano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Earthtones (1993) for marimba and violin - pub. Southern Percussion
                          also available from McKenna-Keddie

Eilean Donan  (1991) for soprano saxophone, cello, piano and percussion 


Harmonious Dreams (2018) for baritone, Bb clarinet, violoncello and piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

A Lassie's Love (2015) for soprano, flute and piano; poetry by Robert Burns - pub. McKenna-Keddie

sair wrocht wi lilt (2006) for bass voice, flute, oboe/cor anglais, clarinet/saxophone, viola, bassoon, 
                          double/electric bass, piano, percussion; text by Jennifer Margaret Barker

Two Poems (2003) for soprano, violin, viola, violoncello and percussion; poetry by Pulitzer-prize winner, 
                          Stephen Dunn - pub. McKenna-Keddie

L’amour… (2001) for countertenor, alto flute, English horn, contrabass clarinet, harpsichord and celesta
                          - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Naibh Beags/Nyvaigs (1997) for soprano, alto saxophone, C flute/alto flute/piccolo, 3 multi-percussionists, 
                         piano and narrator 

SOLO the pale green sea of evening... (2015) for Bb clarinet and piano - pub.McKenna-Keddie

Dumgoyne (2012) for C flute and harpsichord - pub. McKenna-Keddie

BuMian (2011) for solo piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Moana (2010) for solo piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Effigies (2006) for pipe organ - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Salve Festa Dies (2003/2018) for Bb trumpet and pipe organ - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Geenyoch Ballant (2002) for solo piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Tout Entière (2001) for baritone and piano; poetry by Charles Baudelaire - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Na Trì Peathraichean (2000) for C flute and piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie; available from Flute World Co. 

Blue Waters (1998) for solo vibraphone - pub. Southern Percussion
​                           also available from McKenna-Keddie

The Enchanted Glen (1993) for Bb clarinet and piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie
Three Thoughts (1986) for solo piano - pub. McKenna-Keddie

Four Promenades (1986) for solo oboe


Flute/Piano transcription (1999) of Pulitzer Prize-winning Concerto for Flute, Strings and Percussion by
​Melinda Wagner; commissioned by the composer for publication by Theodore Presser 


Helen of Gloag, opera

Inchcailloch, chamber opera

Caledonia, for wind ensemble and Celtic drummer (Catherine Doersch)

Duo for violin and accordion

Chamber Work for flute and string quartet

Barker's compositions are also available from the 
Scottish Music Centre 
and the 
British Music Collection

  English Translation of Composition Titles

  Ealasaid (Scottish Gaelic) - Elisabeth

  BuMian (Mandarin) - sleepless

  Geenyoch Ballant (Scots) - insatiable/ravenous ballade

  Geodha (Scottish Gaelic) - A Geo (Bay)

  Geodha Air Chùl Na Grèine (Scottish Gaelic) - A Geo (Bay) in the Sun's Shelter

  Kaitiaki (Māori)  - Guardian

  Le Passage du Temps (French) - The Passage of Time

  Moana (Māori) - waterfall, lake, ocean

  Naibh Beags/Nyvaigs (Scottish Gaelic/Scots) - Little Ships

  Na Trì Peathraichean (Scottish Gaelic) - The Three Sisters...(of Glencoe)

​  Nollaig (Scottish Gaelic) - Christmas

  sair wrocht wi lilt (Scots) - full of lilt

  Seann Oràn (Scottish Gaelic) - Old Song

  Suilean a’ Chloinne (Scottish Gaelic) - Children's Eyes

  Tìrean cèin (Scottish Gaelic) - Distant Shores

  Tout Entière (French) - All of Her

  umurangi-kikorangi (Māori) - Red Sky/Blue Sky

" a composer of profound sensibility" 
- Victoria International Arts Festival, Gozo, Malta
In reviewing the Geenyoch CD, critic Jon Alan Conrad noted that Barker’s music “sounds familiar and yet always new. While speaking in her own distinctive compositional voice, it answers the emotional and visceral needs that music has always met”. Conrad also notes Barker’s ability to “incorporate thrilling new sounds”, and that “there is always a gratifying curve and arch to her vocal and instrumental phrases, as well as in the shaping and pacing of whole movements”.